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Countless biking possibilities in the Graubünden mountains

Our tour catalogue is as varied as the wishes of the bikers. The Bike Kingdom offers single trails with technical descents, comfortable round tours with views and family-friendly routes without unpleasant surprises. We wish you lots of fun on our trails!

New Trails Summer 2021

In summer 2021, the trail offer will be expanded by two more trails.

Trail Weisshorn | © Urban Engel Perspectiva

The Great White (new 2021)

Just in time before the first snowfall in autumn 2020, this latest masterpiece of a trail was completed in the rocky desert around the Weisshorn. From the «Weisshornspeed» chairlift, the black enduro trail winds its way through rock gardens and, thanks to tables and step downs, invites you to take flying lessons on your bike. 

MTB Trail Scalottas Nord | © Egelmair Photography

Scalottas Nord (new 2021)

As a logical addition, the trail section from the June Hut was completed last summer. Instead of wasting precious altitude on a boring gravel road as before, you now glide along the flowing trail to Alp Nova. This is the perfect start to classics such as the Höhenweg Alp Stätz. 

Trail Top Fopps | © Nathan Hughes | Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Top Fopps

A new single trail was built from the June Hütte to Alp Fops. High speed and lots of variety characterize this trail. Who remembers it? Alp Fops was the location for the «Home of Trails» clip. In this scene Danny MacAskill shows a stylish footplant from the terrace, while Claudio cased the landing despite a run-up - «Spinnsiecha».

MTB Trail Motta Express in Lenzerheide | © Nathan Hughes | Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Motta Express

Gone is the days when you destroyed meters of altitude on the old Bike Attack gravel road. In the summer of 2020 a brand new trail from the Motta hut to the Bike Attack Traverse awaits the bikers. Beautifully built into the hilly terrain, this trail meanders with natural, technical passages through alpine meadows and scree.

Trail The Pipe | © Nathan Hughes | Ferienregion Lenzerheide

The Pipe

Shortly before Scharmoin, a 1 kilometre long trail splendour is waiting for the bikers. Flowy, but far away from a flow trail, there are open bends, adjacent areas, rock passages and heels.

MTB Trail Scalottas | © Egelmair Photography | Ferienregion Lenzerheide


This easy trail connects the Scalottas mountain station with the June hut. This link between the summit and the restaurant has been built so that it is also easily passable for beginners.

Trail Urdenfürggli Twister | © Balz Weber

Urdenfürggli Twister

This trail plays perfectly with the steep terrain from Urdenfürggli. Either you come via Urdental from Arosa to Lenzerheide or you have already taken the Dark Side of the Moon Trail. 1.5 kilometres of alpine single trail, narrow bends and a magnificent view accompany you to the Motta hut.

enduro-lenzerheide-wald.jpg | © Samantha Saskia Dugon


Whether easy, flowing or technically challenging tours, our database contains numerous tour suggestions for every fitness level and every riding ability.

dirt-royale-karte.jpg | © Grischa TrailRIDE

Plan my own tour

Do you prefer to plan your tour yourself? The Regioportal Arosa Lenzerheide offers you additional functions to plan your tour in detail (for example: stereoscopic tour preview).

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Fairtrail Graubünden | © Kanton Graubünden

Trail tolerance & trail rules

The trails and hiking paths in Graubünden have always been a meeting place and different sport types are available. A trail network of approximately 17,000 kilometres in a fantastic landscape is available in Graubünden for your sports activities, be it hiking, trail running, Nordic walking, or mountain biking. The signposted trail network comprises approximately 11,000 kilometres, part of which is designated as mountain bike trails. Mountain biking is also generally permitted on trails, provided that in individual cases an explicit prohibition is not indicated. Considering the increasing number of users and new user groups, we in the Graubünden believe this situation can be managed only through understanding and tolerance between the users.

Have you had a very unpleasant experience with reckless mountain users? Report it to our information offices. This helps us to identify the guilty parties or to identify particularly critical mountain stretches.

Trail Rules

  1. Be considerate when crossing and overtaking hikers.
  2. Close gates and fences after passage.
  3. Protect what you yourself enjoy: intact nature, animals, plants and your good image.
  4. Do not brake with locked wheels.
  5. Do not leave any waste behind.
  6. Equip yourself well.
  7. Take responsibility.
  8. Plan your tour.
  9. Write down the emergency number 144

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