On the road with additional energy

The days when E-Bikes could be driven like a van and you had to hang side pockets on to your bike are fortunately over. Modern E-Bikes are what a bike is all about: a usable mountain bike, now simply with a motor. Use the most valuable property of our bike generation with the E-Bike: Time.

Reach the same number of trails in less time or more trails in the same amount of time. In Lenzerheide, the mountain stations Heidbüel, Scharmoin and Tgantieni, as well as the Lenzerheide Tourist Office have free Bosch charging points or devices for charging Bosch batteries.

Our E-Bike offers for you

  • e-bike-arosa-pause.jpg
    CHF 149.00
    Arosa Bikeschool

    E-Bike Culinary Tour Arosa

    Have you always wanted to sit on a modern e-bike and enjoy culinary delights during your first tour?
    Then you have come to the right place.

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    Price from
    CHF 499.00

    E-Bike Weekend

    You don't have to be a top athlete to explore the Lenzerheide mountain bike region on two wheels.

    With a full-suspension e-mountain bike, you can ride a lot of ausgeschielderte tours with much less effort and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

    Together with our partner EPIC-Bike we offer this varied weekend for beginners, curious and pleasures!

  • rema-bikeschule-2.jpg | © Rema Bikeschule Arosa
    Price from
    CHF 120.00
    Arosa Bikeschool

    Private Lesson

    With private lessons it is possible to relate entirely to your wishes. Have you always wanted to improve your braking technique or learn how to do a better turn? As an addition to your driving technique improvement, you also have the opportunity to discover beautiful corners in Arosa.

    The following content can be selected for the lesson:
    - Technical Bike Course
    - Technical course E-Bike

E-Biketicket 2 ride

For this summer we have adapted the Enduro classic, the Biketicket 2 RIDE, exclusively for the E-Bike. The mountain railways are still mainly used for uphill riding. The single trail promise has also remained. Thanks to the E-Bike the rolling way between Lenzerheide and Tschiertschen and the following ascent to Arosa has now become a flow experience.
When the tour starts in Arosa, it is worthwhile to recharge the bike's battery at the Scharmoin middle station for a short while and to feed yourself with a meal.

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