10 years Bike Kingdom Park

Ready to shreddy

We are celebrating 10 years of Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide. Not just like that, but for real. Why? Because we are fun.

We have some new stuff for you - it's going to be great

A lot has happened again for the summer of 2022! The Lenzerheide resort lifts have more gondolas, which creates 20% more capacity. In addition, from 15 July to 14 August, the Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide will be open every evening until 9.00 pm - yes, that's right - EVERY EVENING!

Of course, the park is also busy building again. This year you can expect a new trick jump with a cattle mulch landing directly at the Rothorn valley station. Not only can you practice on it, but you can also really show off! Two jumps, so that there is certainly something for every level, whether professional or beginner. Various adaptations will also follow on the PRIMEline this summer - we can only reveal one thing here: it's going to get really creative.


History Bike Kingdom Park

From the molehill to the BIG DAISY. 10 years ago was the starting signal for the planning and construction of today's Bike Kingdom Park. In these past years, there have been many changes, conversions, and stories. We look back on 10 years of Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide.

In the past
Gondelbahn Canols der Lenzerheide Bergbahnen im Sommer

Construction of the Rothorn 1 gondola lift

A modern 8-seater gondola lift now provides access to the Scharmoin middle station.

Streckenbau Lenzerheide Bikepark | © Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

Starting signal for the planning of the Bikepark Lenzerheide

Tschäff Rhyner together with Steve Peat, Andy Wirth and Marco Böni were in the lead for the construction of the Bikepark Lenzerheide on the east side of Lenzerheide.

The first lines were built in summer 2012.

Bau der SHOREline Lenzerheide Bikepark | © Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

More lines are being built

More lines are being built in the Bikepark Lenzerheide. Due to the increased number of bikers, a rescue was organized by Romano Meier and the local doctors.

STRAIGHTline Lenzerheide Bikepark | © Johannes Fredheim

Professional operation of the Bikepark Lenzerheide

The operation picked up more and more speed. A professional rescue concept was developed, and a maintenance team was set up.

From this summer onwards, the Bikepark Lenzerheide was operated professionally.


First UCI MTB World Cup

In the summer of 2015, the UCI MTB World Cup team stopped off in Lenzerheide for the first time. The best bikers in the world competed in the cross-country and downhill disciplines.

Nino Schurter im Skill Center im Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide | © Jan Cadosch

New Skill Centre at the Rothorn valley station

There has been a lot of construction at the valley station. This summer, a skills centre was built with a pump track and practice jumps.

Jump Session Bike Kingdom Park | © Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

New Jump Line

Three jumplines were built at Hotel Dieschen. Now they could hone their jumping technique on the way back to the gondola lift.


New construction of the PRIMEline

Major project: New construction of the PRIMEline. The medium-heavy PRIMEline got a new coat of paint and was completely rebuilt. Many new curves and jumps were created.


The kingdom opens

2020 was the big moment of Bike Kingdom. Lenzerheide proclaimed the kingdom for bikers. Numerous new trails were built in the holiday region and a dedicated app was launched.

GRIZZLYline Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide | © Nathan Hughes

New name and new line

The Bikepark Lenzerheide became the Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide, the heart of the Bike Kingdom. Shaper Chris «Grizzly» Visscher planned and built the new GRIZZLYline together with Trailworks.


10 years Bike Kingdom Park

10 years of Bike Kingdom Park means big things, so we have to sum it up in keywords:
- Late Shred
- Wavegarden
- Adiletten Rave
- Braap off!
- Capacity increase gondola Rothorn 1
- Drinks & Music