Bike Kingdom Park Rider

Die Jungs und Mädels, die richtig Velo fahren können

Whip im Bike Kingdom Park | © Nathan Hughes

Sandro Schmid

Living the dream

Friday Night Shred Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide | © Nathan Hughes

Armin «Jibberist» Hartmann

Hello, I am Armin HARTmann also called «Jibberist». I was born in 2001 and have been a cyclist for eight years. I also know how to repair bicycles and feed cats.

I'm known for wishing everyone a good day at the end of Sandro Schmid's vlogs.
Have a lovely day.

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Chris Visscher | © Nathan Hughes

Chris «Grizzly» Visscher

Hi there,

I came into the world on two wheels in 1995. Since then, my world has been all about bikes. I grew up with the old bike movies like the New World Disorder series and many others. That's where my inspiration for riding came from and still comes from. 

Freeride ain't dead!

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Ann-Sophie Benoist

My name is Anne-Sophie, I'm 21 and come from the Zurich area. I've been mountain biking for about three years. When I'm not biking or skiing, I can occasionally be found at the university. Whether it's racing, flow trail and jump line sessions with the crew or kicking my legs out on enduro tours, I enjoy every second I get to spend on the bike. It is a great honour to represent the Bike Kingdom Park and I hope that there will be more girls in the Bike Kingdom Park soon.

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