Hörnli Trail Hunt

15 to 17 July 2022

On Saturday, 16 July 2022, a day full of varied single trails, sunny weather and exciting mission tasks around Arosa Lenzerheide awaited the teams of the 6th Hörnli Trailjagd in Arosa. The mix of enduro racing, tricky tasks, friendship and delicious food made the Hörnli Trailjagd a must for every mountain biker who loves a good race in a relaxed and above all fun atmosphere.

Pictures 2022

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Rankings 2022

Category Men
1.  Arosa Bikeschool Shredder 3:42:08 Martin Hauri - Joel Bucher
2. Bear Mountains Rangers 3:42:21 Hannes Seeger - Simon Stiller
3. Gisler Sport 3:45:30 Gion Gerber - Brosi Schmid

Category Women
1. vo A bis B 4:25:30 Brigit Bless - Angela Laely
2. lieber 2bar als 0bar 5:03:02 Lena Kleeb - Céline Gerbe

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Rankings 2022

Category Mixed
1.  Stützrädliflitzer 4:05:41 Adina Tönz - Lars Tönz
2. Ja. Nein! Vielleicht? 4:17:47 Daniel Moser - Pierina Bärtsch
3. SCOTT 4:28:41 Joel Waldmeier - Anja Camenzind

Category E-Bike
1. Im Sepp sey Chatz 4:26:04 Marc Schürmann - Tina Hannemann
2. Die Drei von der Tankstelle 4:51:44 Martin Füglistaler - Adrian Meier - Jürg Riggenbach
3. Büttikon Racers 5:33:57 Reto Vogelsang - Tessa Müller-Lindloff

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Special Ranking Middle Time 2022

The giant horn and thus the main prize of the 6th HÖRNLI TRAILJAGD Arosa Lenzerheide goes to the team that came closest to the average time of 05:25:09 hours.

Congratulations to the team "Dick und langsam" with the riders Patrick Nyffeler - Marc Nyffeler.

Golden Hörnli = average time of fastest and slowest, measured time

About the event

Are you an experienced mountain biker who is looking for an adventure rich in diversity? Or are you sitting on the saddle for the first time, but you hope to win thanks to your savvy? This race is appropriate for anyone and everybody is on the chase for the golden Hörnli, be it with or without lift, with tough climbs and top descents. You will find the best single trails of the Canton of Grisons in the Alps of Arosa and only the ones who are combining cleverly will win.

Tactics are key – to arrive at the finish line you need to master several tasks and many single trails. An absolute highlight for every mountain bike lover. Also in 2021 the mountain bike scene meets again in Arosa. The “Hörnli Trail Hunt” is the second of three destination races, after the “Schnitzeljagd” (scavenger hunt) in Sölden and before the “Knödeljagd” in Val Gardena. In Arosa the mountain bikers challenge each other at the fight for the “Hörnli”.

Programme 2022

from 5.00 - 8.30 p.m.
Registration at the Sports- and Conference Centre Arosa

8.20 a.m. - 9.15 a.m.
Starting package distribution

10.00 a.m.
Briefing for all participants

10.30 a.m.
Starting Signal

2.30 p.m.
First riders will finish in Arosa 

until 5.30 p.m.
Last finishes, closing time for ranking

starting at 9.30 a.m.
SCOTT Ride with SCOTT Testbikes

Upon registration to the HÖRNLI TRAIL HUNT you receive a starter kit with all useful information and goodies. This starter kit includes the following!

  • Registration fee
  • Day pass Arosa Lenzerheide for Saturday
  • Event-Shirt powered by SCOTT
  • „Hörnli & Ghackets“ and one beverage (vegi option available)
  • Tombola
  • Reduction for the bike ticket on Sunday*
  • Possibility to test the newest SCOTT Bikes on Sunday

Cost per team: CHF 180.00 / EUR 170.00 (limited places) Teams of 3 are also possible: total cost CHF 270.00 / EUR 255.00

*Information about the tickets for Sunday
The bike day tickets for Sunday can be purchased under the following special conditions:

  • Day Ticket Arosa-Lenzerheide with Arosa Card:  adults: CHF 25.00 / kids: CHF 13.00
  • Day Ticket Arosa-Lenzerheide without Arosa Card: adults: CHF 35.00 / kids: CHF 18.00
  • Day Ticket Arosa with Arosa Card: adults: CHF 15.00 / kids: CHF 8.00
  • Day Ticket Arosa without Arosa Card: adults: CHF 25.00 / kids: CHF 13.00

Information about the Arosa Card
The Arosa Card is included in the accommodation price for overnight guests, depending on the accommodation. It includes the use of all open facilities of the Arosa resort lifts. The transport of bikes is subject to a charge. Overnight guests with the Arosa Card receive a discount of up to 30% on the regular rates.

How do I get an Arosa Card?
1. hotel guests receive the card directly at hotel check-in
2. camping guests receive the Arosa Card by e-mail.

Important to know: The start package includes a bike ticket for Saturday. For further days a separate Arosa Card or bike ticket is required.

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