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Ninos Kingdom Class by ÖKK

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. This saying is well known and only half true. Often, biking is not about getting wet or not, but more about the fear of wet roots and possible falls.

In this masterclass, Nino explains how these difficult conditions can be mastered more easily.

Ninos Bad Weather Tips

Afraid of wet roots? Nino Schurter gives tips on biking in the rain.

Ninos Tips

  • Correct bike setup, little air in the tyres 
  • Riding with foresight, reading the trail and conditions 
  • Approach roots correctly 
  • Correct position on the bike

And don't forget: mud is good for the skin.

The insurance for bikers

Our partner ÖKK has set up its own insurance specifically for the safety of bikers. Insured persons thus benefit from participation in protective equipment or even riding technique courses.

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Need help?

Expert shops or coaches are happy to help with the right bike settings or even with the necessary tips on the bike if there is a problem with the line choice on wet roots.