Oldie but Goldie

Riding in the bike park - Ninos Kingdom Class by ÖKK

The Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide has opened its doors for the first time, so time to take care of the basic rules of bike park riding. Old men belong on e-bikes and hold their "pleasure ride" on boring forest paths and drink coffee and feast on cake?

Fortunately, the Schurter family knows better. In this masterclass, Nino explains that bike parks are not exclusively for the young and wild and shows his father (69) how to ride properly in a bike park.


The Bike Kingdom Park is the perfect training ground for young and old. Nino Schurter therefore gives important tips on how to enjoy biking in bike parks.

Nino's Tips

  • Stay loose in the jumps
  • Landing with both wheels at the same time
  • Approaching corners from the outside and looking ahead correctly
  • Balanced weight distribution on the bike
  • Look at obstacles first, then ride

And most importantly, you can still ride in the Bike Kingdom Park at 69.

The insurance for bikers

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The playground for practice

These are the perfect trails to learn the basic rules of a bike park


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