Biketicket 2 RIDE

The most beautiful trails between Arosa, Lenzerheide and Chur

Are you looking for a special bike experience? Then we recommend the three enduro tours of the extra class with the bike ticket 2 RIDE. True to the motto endless bike enjoyment for all levels, in combination with the cable car transport. Thanks to different levels of difficulty and distances, the three routes blue, red and black guarantee everyone an unforgettable riding pleasure and make it easy to discover the most beautiful trails between Lenzerheide, Arosa and Chur.
Is the bike ticket 2 RIDE black too easy for you? Then use the mountain railways several times or add a ride in the Bike Kingdom Park.

Rates Biketicket 2 Ride


Biketicket to RIDE blue


Beautiful scenic views with nice and solid trails, few easy gradients and a short push up in the area Malix/Churwalden. The tour is suitable for families.

Distance 39 km / altitude: -2400 m (+620 m)
Stamina 3/5 and technique 2/5

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Biketicket to RIDE red


This tour offers a lot of variety for experienced bikers. It runs mostly on narrow trails with fast descents. A secret tip is the final run from Parpan over Grida to Chur.

Distance 42 km / altitude: -3250 m (+950 m)
Stamina: 4/5 and technique 3/5

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Biketicket to RIDE black


The mother of all enduro tours for ambitious bikers. Nearly 700 m (altitude) uphill pedalling and over 6000 m (altitude) downhill. A special bike experience with 10 different mountain railways.
New: The tour leads up to the Weisshorngipfel in Arosa.

Distance 64.5 km / altitude: -6000 m (+636 m)
Stamina: 5/5 and technique 5/5

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E-Biketicket 2 RIDE for E-Bikers

For this summer, we have adapted the Enduro classic, the Biketicket 2 RIDE, especially for the e-bike. As before, the mountain railways are mainly used for uphill riding. The single trail promise has also remained. Thanks to the e-bike, the hilly path between Lenzerheide and Tschiertschen and the subsequent ascent to Arosa is now a flow experience.
If the tour starts in Arosa, it is worth briefly recharging the bike's battery at the Scharmoin middle station and having a meal yourself.

Length: 63.9 km / altitude: -3725 m (+1049 m)
Stamina 3/5 and technique 3/5

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