Piz Scalottas

From every bike ride, we bring home photos, selfies and snapshots. But most often, there are other images, which are way more valuable – the images inside our head. These are the impressions we brought home from the trails of Piz Scalottas.

From Thusis, the tour leads to Scharans via Fürstenaubruck. In Scharans, keep to the right and ride along the marked mountain bike path over the old Schyn path to Muldain. This stretch is very beautiful; the path leads along the steep slopes, but it can be traversed without major problems. From Muldain, take the paved lanes to Lain and on to Alp Tgantieni. An alpine path leads over Alp Nova and leaves you below the Scalottas summit. It is worthwhile to make a detour to the summit to take in the view. The descent follows a rough, little-maintained trail until reaching Alp Parnegel. There, another little-maintained ridgeway leads to Terziel. This is the beginning of the real downhill fun. An old path leads to Prodavos Sut and on to the crossing in the direction of old Schyn. From there, follow the marked hiking trails to the Sils power plant next to Thusis.