Who is behind the next bend? What is behind the next rock? Will the front wheel hold up or not? Not knowing what to expect is one of the beauties of biking. The tour over the Durannapass is a classic. With the new routing and the start from the Weissfluhpass, this trail experience is full of surprises.

 We used to pedal to the top with sweat on out faces. However nowadays we prefer to take the Parsennrail and start comfortably at an elevation of nearly 2,700m above sea level. From there we take the well-known descent over the rock path to the Strelapass. After a short uphill it gets quite exciting. When we get to the steep stairs we have to shoulder the bike. Tripping is not an option!

 At the bottom of the stairs the ride starts to flow again. On the trails to the picturesque Walser town Medergen, we displace the back wheel a couple of times, but after that we can just breeze through the meadow and forest trails down to Langwies. Here the actual uphill of the day starts and we ascend to the next peak, the Durannapass.

When you reach Durannapass, taking a break at the idyllic Grünsee is a must. After recharging with some nut cake we proceed to the great finale: we descend 1,200m in elevation along countless trails towards Küblis, where the tour ends.