Enduro tour Arosa - Chur

Trip from Chur to Arosa and the Ochsenalp up there with an extenisve trail downhill back into the Alpine City. 

Most of the ascent will do the Chur Arosa Railway. The railway journey from Chur to Arosa is a very nice start for this tour, which starts at the Arosa railway station. After a nice and easy ascent to the Ochsenalp you have already reached the highest point of the tour (during the summer months, you can eat and drink something at the Ochsenalp).

Now the long downhill begins. The scenery is quite spectacular and so is the trail. After a single track and a short ascent you will reach the beautiful village of Tschiertschen - perfect for a stop and to charge you batteries in one of the restaurants. After a short ride on the street a trail branches off on the left side and continues until Praden. There you will have to follow the street for some time. Then in a sharp left turn another trail begins and takes you down to Meiersboden. From there it's just a short ride back to Chur. After a detour through the Old town you will reach the starting point at the Chur railway station.