Bike X-Calibur


With the Bike Kingdom app, bikers are not only rewarded with badges. With the Bike X-Calibur Quest, users of the app have the unique chance to win a Rocky Mountain Altitude C70 worth CHF 8'699.00

As soon as the quest is activated on the Bike Kingdom app, the battle for the bike will begin. 
Compared to last year, we have adapted the logic and expanded the possibilities a little.
This year you can not only conquer the quest on one trail, but on the following 3 trails:

The Great White
Älplisee Trail
Top Fops

This is how it works:

We add up all tracked rides of all riders on the 3 trails mentioned above.
The 999th ride tracked with Strava in this count wins the bike.

So ride and track The Great White, Top Fops or Älplisee Trail as often as you want and can to increase your chances.


Rocky Mountain Altitude C70

Race circuits or Sunday Shreds, the Altitude has you covered. Purpose-built and race-proven, it’s the ultimate enduro weapon for demolishing steep trails and making every session faster. Sure, total enduro capability translates nicely to podiums. But it also means bigger and more committing weekend rides for the rest of us. With so much capability in your corner, it makes you want to push limits, climb faster, and get better.

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