Bike Experiences for Young and Old in the Little Kingdom

Slides and swimming are all right, but do you actually want to offer your kids a holiday on the bike?
In Bike Kingdom, the whole family gets their money's worth. With special offers for families and children, the little ones learn biking playfully.


On the newly created Hörnli Trail in Arosa, the children can let off steam for a whole day and can only be stopped by nightfall. In Lenzerheide, the FLOWline in the Bike Kingdom Park is a particularly fast way to practice. With the Skill Center and the FLOWline in the Bike Kingdom Park there are fun bike playgrounds where the kids can let off steam. With the offer of the Kids Bike League, the bear bike-gang for kids, the Bike School Lenzerheide and the Bike School Arosa also offers exciting courses for the little bikers.

Skill Center Lenzerheide

Around the Rothorn valley station in the summer of 2020, a lot of work was done to provide a perfect bike training area for families and children.

Skill Center valley station Rothorn 

Children of all ages and bike skills will get happy at the Skill Center. New features include a newly built pumptrack, two new practice wooden drops and a new jump as well as various practice trails.

pump track

Both running bikes and mountain bikes are welcome in the pumptrack. In the new pumptrack children can learn a first feeling for their bike and an ideal body position.


To get used to flying heights and drops, two practice wood drops and a jump were made of earth. With the learned technique, you can ride the trails and the Bike Kingdom Park much safer and with more success.

Practice trails

The right technique and balance on the bike is given to the little bikers on the practice trails. Simply built stone fields, single trails simulated routes and easy up and downhill sections alternate on the practice trails. Thanks to different levels of difficulty, not only success but also lots of fun is guaranteed. 

Skill Center

The Skill Center also welcomes parents who can improve their biking technique together with their children. A new awning and the recently converted fireplace also upgrade the Skill Center. Families can take a break on the inviting shaded areas and enjoy a refreshment from the fire. 

New FLOWline section

Work also progressed in the Bike Kingdom Park. A new section was built on the FLOWline. Thanks to a slight gradient, scooters and large riders, the fun on the FLOWline is extended and the last section on the gravel road is shorter. This summer the last section, directly to the valley station, will be opened up. So it will no longer be necessary to drive the last section on the gravel road to the valley station. 

Skill Center Arosa

At the valley stations of Hörnli-Express, there is a Skill Center for you and your kids. Small practice jumps, finely laid out circuits for the little ones, obstacles to practice and of course a barbecue area are a matter of course here. Do your children want to learn from the professionals? Then book a course of the bear bike-gang of the Bike School Arosa. 

Pumptrack Lenzerheide

Lenzerheide is one attraction richer! Thanks to the asphalt surface, the pump track can be used with a wide variety of sports equipment. Children can let off steam on the wave trough track and, thanks to clever rhythmic movements, ride around the entire circuit without having to kick or brag. In addition to the Skill Center at the Rothorn valley station, the pump track is an ideal playground and practice area for small mountain bikers. The pump track is also a lot of fun for experts.

Thanks to the creative choice of lines, new variations open up with each round.

Discover the pump track Lenzerheide


  • arosa-hoernli-trail-kind.jpg
    CHF 20.00
    Bikeschool Arosa

    Bear Bike-Gang

    Together with the four bears Lili, Beni, Ella and Gian from the bear gang, the children learn how to move safely with the bike in the terrain.

    The little ones learn in a playful way to mountain biking and also little «​​​​​​​tricks» are practiced diligently. In each level, small groups build on what has already been learned and the children have the opportunity to develop further.

  • bike-kids-wald.jpg
    CHF 30.00
    Lenzerheide Bikeschool

    Kids Bike League

    In the Kids Bike League we show the children the fascination of mountain biking playfully.

  • bike-kids-start.jpg
    CHF 60.00
    Lenzerheide Bikeschool

    Staiböck Pro Träil

    For all young bikers who have already completed the «​​​​​​​Staiböck» level of the Kids Bike League.

    In the «​​​​​​​Träil» course the focus is on riding technique of the different trails. However, jumps like drops and pump track riding will also be improved. Cross country and enduro cracks are exactly right here.

    From 10 to 14 years.
    Monday to friday during holiday season.

  • bikepark-kids-daumenhoch.jpg
    CHF 60.00
    Lenzerheide Bikeschool

    Staiböck Pro Bikepark

    In the «Staiböck Pro Bikepark» camp we are mainly in the bikepark and therefore downhill oriented. The youngsters learn how to handle speed and the necessary features to experience the fun in our bikepark with the optimal pinch of safety.

    From 10 to 14 years.
    monday to friday during holiday season.