Bikepark Tickets

Bike Kingdom Park

The Bike Kingdom Park is the heart of the Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide.

The Bike Kingdom Park has not only made Tommy G a legend and provided thrills during the World Championships. Thanks to their different characters and levels of difficulty, the five tracks offer something for everyone and ensure fun and action.


From the simple FLOWline, over the middle PRIMEline and SHOREline, to the black STYLEline and the black World Cup track STRAIGHTline. The tracks are constantly being maintained, expanded with new elements and can be combined as desired.

Skill Center
Located directly at the valley station is the Skill Center, where children and beginners are guided in simple steps to the obstacles and jumps in the bike park. The Skill Center offers children the perfect opportunity to get to know the bike and various trails.

Operating hours & rates

Operating hours of the mountain railways for summer 2021, as well as the rates for the Bike Kingdom.

Rates Adults Children until 15 years
Day ticket
Arosa Lenzerheide
CHF 51.00
(CHF 49.00 online)
CHF 26.00
Day ticket
Arosa Lenzerheide
and Chur
CHF 63.00
(CHF 59.00 online)
CHF 31.00
Season card
Arosa Lenzerheide
CHF 330.00 CHF 165.00
Season card
Arosa Lenzerheide
and Chur
CHF 460.00 CHF 230.00


  • Gravity Card: Season ticket for 21 bike parks in Europe. Click here for the offer.
  • The opening of the cable cars depends on the weather and snow conditions.
  • Further operating hours and rates of Lenzerheide, Arosa and Chur mountain railways can be found here.
Bike Kingdom Park Team Riders | © Nathan Hughes


  • Adjust the speed to your ability and the difficulty of the trails. You should be able to stop all times on sight. Keep to the side of the riding lanes. Vacate the riding lanes immediately in case of a fall.
  • Helmet and gloves are mandatory. We recommend full-face-helmets and protective gear. Ride only with bikes fit for freeride trails.
  • Heed to the signals and instructions of the mountain railway personnel. General mountain bike regulations and traffic regulations apply also to freeride trails.
  • If you need help, contact emergency phone 144 and report the line number and section-spelling.
  • Use freeride trails at your own risk. The operator of the installation, land owners and administrators disclaim all liability.
  • Unfortunately, we can no longer transport your bike in case of failure to comply with rules and regulations.