Better safe than sorry

Rules of conduct and safety instructions in the Bike Kingdom

The large network of trails in the canton of Graubünden serves as infrastructure for a wide variety of sports. Thus, mountain bikers are also specifically permitted on the hiking trails. Local restrictions are signaled. Mutual consideration prevents conflicts and creates an unclouded nature experience for all.

Nino Schurter im Bike Kingdom | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide


Golden rules in the Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide for a respectful coexistence between all trail users, animals and nature.

  • Be considerate when crossing and overtaking and brake early. 
  • Close gates and pasture fences after passing through.
  • Take care of what you yourself enjoy: intact nature, animals, plants and your good image.
  • Do not brake with blocked wheels.
  • Do not leave litter.
  • Equip yourself well. Warm clothes, food, first aid kit and cell phone are on every tour.
  • Be responsible.
  • Plan your tour.
  • Make a note of the emergency number 144.
Nino Schurter im Bike Kingdom | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Rules in the Bike Kingdom Park

5 different trails with different difficulties. On the tracks in Bike Kingdom Park bikers with different riding skills are looking for fun, variety and adrenaline. With a few rules, everyone will find the flow

Code of conduct

  • Adapt the choice of route to your ability.
  • Only stop next to the track.
  • Inspect the course and jumps beforehand.
  • In case of a fall, clear/secure the track immediately.
  • Do not stand in the landing of jumps.

Terms of use

  • Protect yourself: Helmet and gloves are mandatory. We recommend full face helmet and protectors.
  • Use a good mountain bike and maintain it. On the red and black trails, we recommend a good enduro or downhill bike.
  • Follow signals and instructions from the staff
  • No shortcuts: Stay on the marked route
  • Use at your own risk. The operators and landowners disclaim all liability.
  • In case of non-compliance, the mountain railways may refuse transport.

What to do in an emergency?

  • Remain calm, secure the accident site (self-protection)
  • Provide first aid
  • Alert emergency 144 (Who is reporting? What has happened? Where? When? How many people? Telephone number to call back?
  • Give first aid and stay at the scene of the accident until help arrives.

Signals on the trail

The trails of the bike park are numbered and divided into sections. If possible, report the section number and the letter (e.g. 1A).

How to ride the bike park

  • Start on the easier routes until you feel confident.
  • Start small on the jumps and move up to the next size when you feel confident.
  • On the red and black trails, you should have bike park experience.


If anyone knows how to prepare correctly, it's our ambassador Nino Schurter.

Ninos tips

  • Proper protective equipment (helmet, gloves, goggles, protectors). 
  • Short bike check before the first ride (screws, brakes, tires, suspension, air pressure). 
  • Carefully approach unknown sections or start into the new season.  
  • Get used to jumps and start with small jumps. 
  • Pumptracks are an excellent way to prepare for the season. 
Fairtrail Graubünden | © Kanton Graubünden

Fair Trail – Be nice to each other

Sometimes you'd rather be alone in the world. Or at least on the hiking trail. But you're not. That's why you have to come to terms with the others. It's not that difficult, and nobody really objects to a smile and a smile back.

When biking

  • You make yourself known early with the bell
  • You always give way to the hikers
  • They pass at walking pace or descend briefly

Coexistence and disentanglement
Together on the same trail, or build a separate bike trail for the same stretch to the hiking trail? - Of course, two trails are smarter. Then the hikers are undisturbed, and the bikers don't have to constantly watch out or slow down. Lenzerheide already relies on unbundling wherever possible. But it would be an irresponsible interference with nature if we were to build the same number of kilometres of bike trails in parallel to all the kilometres of hiking trails. For heavily used trails, unbundling makes sense; for less frequented sections, hikers and bikers will have to share the right of way.

Everything has two sides. Even the bikers. And then they sometimes go hiking with the whole family. But hikers also have two sides, and quite a few have an e-mountain bike in the basement. Or one in mind.

Enjoying the experience, nature and the path without prohibitions. 


Suckler cows on pastures

Suckler cows spend the summer with their calves on various mountain pastures. The suckler cows, concerned about the protection of their calves, may feel threatened by approaching people and animals. Therefore, certain rules of conduct must be observed.

1. Keep your distance from cattle

Cattle have an individual zone - similar to the natural distance zone in humans. If this is violated, the animals may feel harassed. Attacking humans is usually to protect themselves, the herd and especially the young animals.

If possible, keep your distance so as not to disturb the cattle. In any case, walk calmly past the animals.

2. Do not touch calves

Cow mothers want to protect their calves. They don't like strangers touching their offspring. Calves, however, often lie somewhat hidden away from the herd.

The mothers always keep an eye on their little ones and can react violently in case of disagreement. Do not approach the calves.