Safety and Code of Conduct in the Bike Kingdom

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The large network of paths in the canton of Graubünden is used for a wide variety of sports. Mountain bikers are also permitted on the hiking trails. Local restrictions are signalled. Mutual consideration prevents conflicts and creates an unclouded nature experience for all. Therefore, certain rules also apply in the Bike Kingdom in Arosa, Lenzerheide and Chur.
Nino Schurter im Bike Kingdom | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Safety in the Bike Kingdom

Safety first

  • Adapt the choice of route to your ability.
  • Take a look at the course and jumps beforehand.
  • Only stop next to the track.
  • In the event of a fall, clear/secure the track immediately. 
  • Protect yourself with a helmet and gloves. We recommend full-face helmet and protectors in the bike park. 
  • Do not stand in the landing of jumps. 


It's better to live together

  • You always let the hikers go first.
  • You pass at walking pace or descend briefly.
  • Leave the themed trails to the families. 

Nature and environment

Because we are part of it

  • No shortcuts: Stay on the marked and signalled routes.
  • Keep your distance from cows and do not touch calves.
  • Respect markings and signals. 
Illegaler Mountainbike Trail durch den Wald in Lenzerheide | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

No Shortcuts

We don't like illegal constructions and shortcuts in the Bike Kingdom. They not only harm nature, but also the whole kingdom. Have you discovered a trail that doesn't belong there? Please let us know and we will take care of it.

Why do shortcuts harm?

Code of conduct for guard dogs – how to stay safe

The information board indicates access to the protected pasture. Behave calmly, do not startle or frighten the animals. If you are on a bike, dismount and push the bike, if you are a pedestrian, slow down your pace.

Stay calm and give the dog time to control that you are not a danger to his herd - this is his job. Keep your distance from the animals and avoid provocations with sticks and quick movements. Once the guard dog has calmed down, continue on your way. If possible, go around the herd. Do not pet or feed the dogs.

Dogs elicit increased defensive behavior from guard dogs. Take your companion dog on a leash and keep it under control. Do not attempt to cross a protected herd with your dog, but bypass it. When in doubt, turn back. If guard dogs attack your leashed dog, let it go.

When hiking in areas with guard dogs, it is not recommended to bring dogs.

Avoid eye contact with the dog, but do not turn your back on it either. If a guard dog does not calm down for a longer period of time, even though you wait calmly at a distance from the herd, withdraw.

Dealing with wolves

The wolf population in Switzerland is growing continuously. In principle, wolves are not dangerous to humans and a direct encounter rarely occurs. Nevertheless, important behavioural tips should be observed.

Wolves that grow up and live in the wild are not fundamentally dangerous to us humans, according to all the knowledge that has been gathered worldwide. Wolves avoid contact with humans. It can become dangerous when wolves get used to humans and even associate their presence with food. Fed wolves can learn to beg for food. Similarly, wolves – even pups – should never be followed to observe or photograph them. The area where the den is located should be avoided. Wolves can react aggressively if they are sick (rabies) or injured, if they have been fed or if they are cornered. There is currently no rabies in Switzerland.

  • Stay on trails and places and respect wildlife habitats.
  • Do not dispose of food scraps in the forest (e.g., barbecues) even if the amount is small. As a general rule, wolves should not learn that humans provide food.
  • Always keep your dog under control.
  • Stand still. If the wolf notices that you have discovered him, he usually retreats.
  • If the wolf does not flee immediately, draw attention to yourself with a certain voice.
  • Retreat slowly, the wolf will watch you or flee directly.
  • Do not attempt to approach the wolf under any circumstances – not even for photos.
  • Never pursue a wolf!
  • Never feed a wolf!

If you see a wolf, contact ...

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