Better safe than sorry

protect. share. ride.

The large network of trails in the canton of Graubünden serves a wide variety of sports. Mountain bikers are also permitted on the hiking trails. Local restrictions are signalled. Mutual consideration prevents conflicts and creates an unclouded nature experience for all.


Safety first

  • Adapt the choice of route to your ability.
  • Inspect the course and jumps beforehand.
  • Only stop next to the track.
  • In the event of a fall, clear/secure the track immediately. 
  • Protect yourself with a helmet and gloves. We recommend full-face helmet and protectors in the bike park. 
  • Do not stand in the landing of jumps. 

coexistence in the Bike Kingdom

Better together

  • You always let the hikers go first.
  • Pass at walking pace or descend briefly.
  • Leave the themed trails to the families. 

Nature and environment

Because we are part of it

  • No shortcuts: Stay on the marked and signalled routes.
  • Keep your distance from cows and do not touch calves.
  • Respect markings and signals. 

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