Bike Kingdom App

The new Bike Kingdom App is your compass in Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

Find tours and trails, check live information such as weather, open facilities or webcams and in the personal feed you will find relevant news and products. In combination with the App Strava you can add a digital dimension to your bike experience. Compete with your friends and be rewarded for biking.

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Discovering the Bike Kingdom is especially easy with the app. With familiar functions from Google Maps and Outdoor Apps, you can find tours and trails in quick steps. You're about to go hungry? No problem, the app knows the nearest restaurant.
The driven trails are evaluated according to a fixed point system. The bikers receive points according to their riding behaviour and thus increase their rank and reputation in the Bike Kingdom.
The different clans lead a virtual fight against each other. Bikers, who are part of one clan, contribute individually to the success. The leading clan and members of the same clan will benefit from exclusive advantages.
DIE Regions

The Bike Kingdom extends over six regions and offers countless trail kilometres for biking pleasure. The clans conquer the regions in digital battles and defend them with their rolling bike horses. Can they defend their estates?


Challenges are something really great because you are rewarded for biking. For example, get a digital badge when you discover all the new trails in Lenzerheide. You will not only be rewarded digitally. Depending on your efforts, you can experience exclusive merchandising or take advantage of a cool drink at the zBar as soon as you have obtained the «Long Day» badge.

The Clans

Of course, in a kingdom there is also fighting. We bikers do this in the Bike Kingdom App. Become part of the army and join a clan. Together, these clans fight for height and depth. Together the motivation is kept high to be the winning clan of the Bike Kingdom at the end of the season!

Der Flow Clan in der Bike Kingdom App


Even the roughest parts of Bike Kingdom are mastered with style and even if you can hardly hold the handlebars anymore, you make everything look effortless. Flow is not a way to ride, Flow is a lifestyle.


Where others carry the bike you will only really wake up. The gnarled, really nasty parts and highest jumps are your incentive. Whether uphill, or downhill. You drop into every line.
Der S


Adrenalin, speed, uncompromising describe your driving style. Always at the limit, always giving the maximum. Without sore muscles the day was not worth it.  

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