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The Bike Kingdom App is your compass in Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

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Find tours and trails to your taste, benefit from live information such as weather, open facilities or webcams and relevant news and products are displayed on the personal user page. In combination with the app Strava you can record all your rides in Bike Kingdom and become king in the leaderboard. Compete with your friends and get rewarded for biking.


The Bike Kingdom App in Detail

The Bike Kingdom app can be divided into five thematic areas (pages): Explore, Live, Clan, Shop and You. In the individual topics you will find all kinds of information about the Bike Kingdom in general, about the operating times of the transport facilities, quests, challenges, etc..


The Explore Page covers all the latest information about the Bike Kingdom. You want to know which events are coming up, which quests are best for you or which bike store is near you, then the Explore section will help you out. If you are spontaneously looking for a suitable bike hotel or a restaurant in the Bike Kingdom, you will find it here.

Trail Map

The Trail Map gives you an overview of all trails in the six regions of Bike Kingdom. With the help of various filter functions you can search for the trails that meet your needs. Basically, the trails are categorized by four colors according to their difficulty level:

  • Blue - Easy Trail
  • Red - moderately difficult trail
  • Black - Difficult trail
  • Purple - Access Trail

Clicking on a specific trail will provide you with valuable information such as an exact description, the ride time, the length or the elevation profile of the trail, etc.


For arrival or departure by public transport, you can find all the necessary information (departure, travel time, etc.) on the Explore Page in the Transportation section.


Are you looking for parking? Use the tab on the Explore Page to find all the parking options in Bike Kingdom. Click on the Parking icon to get additional information (description, price, etc.).


The Live Page keeps you up to date on operating times and the weather. The operating times and weather are constantly updated and on our mountain railroad map you can see which mountain railroads are currently open. You don't trust the current weather data? No problem! Check out the current conditions on our webcams in the app.


Webcams are installed at over 15 locations in the Bike Kingdom, which you can access via the Bike Kingdom App. This gives you an overview of the current conditions in the Bike Kingdom.


Of course, there is also fighting in a kingdom. We bikers do this in the Bike Kingdom app. At the beginning you join a clan (Flow, Drop or Shred). Together, these clans fight for altitude and depth meters. Together the motivation is kept high at the end of the season to be the winning clan of the Bike Kingdom!


In our store you will find various clothing items to dress like a king from Bike Kingdom. Besides the clothing options you get a selection of different accessories and tickets for current events. In the shopping cart you collect your products and finally pay easily via the integrated payment system.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile is fully customized for you. You will find your personal statistics about your rides in Bike Kingdom, which you can compare with other users in the leaderboard. You can find out about your challenges and their intermediate status. Which quests you have already completed and which are still to be mastered can be found in your personal Quest Log. You want to know which trails you rode on your last visit to Bike Kingdom? Your personal profile shows you all your activities at a glance!


The login process is done for your security using a login code that you will receive on your email. Once this process is completed, you will have access to your personal profile in the Bike Kingdom app with stats, leaderboards, quests, etc.

Tracking with Strava

You record your rides using Strava. Make sure your Bike Kingdom app is linked to the Strava app. Once you start tracking, all your rides are recorded in Bike Kingdom. Once you finish tracking, the Bike Kingdom app will evaluate your rides and you will receive your reward accordingly.


The Bike Kingdom challenges you with quests. In return, you can expect various rewards if you successfully complete the quests. You can redeem the rewards directly on the app or at the achievement providers.

Lenzerhorn Quest

Those who conquer trails sometimes need refreshment. Master the trails «Roll the dice», «Homerun» and «Höhenweg Alp Stätz» during the current season and satisfy your hunger with pizza from the restaurant Heidstübli.

In addition, three vouchers for a plate including a drink will be raffled among the finalists. Redeemable in every AlpinTrend business in the Bike Kingdom.

Every Kingdom needs a castle

Every Kingdom needs a castle! And every guest needs a suitable accommodation. Show your bike skills on one day at Scalottas, the local mountain of the Bike Kingdom on the trails «Top Fops», «Tgiantieni» and «Scalottas Nord». With a bit of luck, you can win an overnight stay for two people including dinner at the Valbella Resort. The prize will be raffled among all successful finishers.

The Scenic Tour

Experience a tour with the best views the Bike Kingdom has to offer. Ride the trails «Weisshorn Trail», «Ochsenalp Trail», «Ochsenalp-Löser» and «Löser Trail» in one day. You can win a rental car from Volvo for two days and an overnight stay in the Revier Mountain Lodge Lenzerheide worth CHF 900.

The Backpacker

With three regions traveled in a day, you belong to the explorers. Accordingly, you should also have a decent backpack with you. Ride in at least three regions in one day and, with a little luck, reward yourself with an EVOC Trail Pro backpack. The prize will be raffled among all successful finishers.

Bells Bikepark Bucket

The bike park is your home and you know: Speed brings safety. Even safer, however, is a proper helmet. Complete a trail in the bike park at least 15 times throughout the season. The winner of this quest will receive a Bell Super Air R helmet with removable chin bar. The prize will be raffled off among all those who successfully complete the quest.

Giro Open Face

If you want to conquer the most spectacular trails in Bike Kingdom, you need a solid helmet. Conquer three of the most spectacular trails in the Bike Kingdom, «Dark Side of the Moon», «Weisshorn Trail» and «Älplisee Trail» this season and get the Giro Manifest open face helmet. The prize will be raffled among all successful finishers.

Easy Rider

Master the Easy Rider Quest by riding any five blue trails in one day. All successful Quest participants will be entered into a draw to win a bike rack for your car from Thule.


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