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6 regions - 3 destinations. The Bike Kingdom stretches from the Alpine City Chur, to Arosa and Lenzerheide, to the Albula Valley. Are you looking for the best mountain bike tours in the Bike Kingdom? Or do you simply want to know where the flowiest trails are? No matter whether you prefer our tour suggestions or plan your bike day yourself, you'll find what you're looking for here.

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Bike Kingdom Districts

6 Region – 3 Destinations – Bike Kingdom

From flowing to steep and rough. Every region in the Bike Kingdom has its own character. Over 50 trails and countless tours await you in the Bike Kingdom in Graubünden. Saddle your bike and conquer the Bike Kingdom.

Bear Mountains
The most powerful inhabitants of the Bike Kingdom live in Bear Mountains. The three bears of the Arosa Bear Land are the eponym for this region. Bear Mountains covers the entire area from Schafälpli to Arosa and Ochsenalp.
Red Peak
Rough, steep, and red! These are the characteristics of the east side of Lenzerheide. Red Peak is probably the most frequented region in the Bike Kingdom and thanks to the Cross Country track and the STRAIGHTline in the Bike Kingdom Park, this region includes two world championship tracks. 
Southern Delights
Less known but no less impressive are the Southern Delights. The beautiful larch and spruce forest beneath the Lenzerhorn to the Albula Valley is known for its fluid forest trails. Many trails are already snow-free in spring. 
Western Summits
With its alpine meadow trails at higher altitudes and dark forests at lower altitudes, the west side of Lenzerheide has become a true trial paradise. Western Summits includes the western flank of the Piz Scalottas, as well as the eastern flank in Domleschg. 
Steep Trees
The name says it all! From Parpan to Chur and Tschiertschen, the brakes glow. Around Churwalden and Joch there are many hidden trails, on which the brakes have to be well dosed!  
The Capital
Chur is the entrance area to the Bike Kingdom. With the Alpenbikepark and the Mittenberg, however, the Capital is much more than just access to Arosa and Lenzerheide. If there is still snow in the other regions, the first kilometres and depth metres can already be collected in The Capital.

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