Bike Kingdom Kids Cup

4 July 2021 | 15 August 2021 | 3 October 2021

The Bike Kingdom Kids Cup is a junior DHI series with a clear focus on fun and introducing the kids to racing slowly and gradually. The series consists of 3 events in the first year and is not linked to any licence ratings.

There are no downhill races for children in Switzerland, so there is no talent-creating event for the sport. With the Alpenbikepark Chur and Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide, the Bike Kingdom now wants to offer downhill-oriented children and families not only the right infrastructure, but also the right event for the next generation of downhill riders.
Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide | © Egelmair Photography


The Bike Kingdom Kids Cup race series consists of three race events. At the premiere in 2021, the location for all races will be the Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide. In the future, the series may also take place at the Alpenbikepark Chur.

Race dates

Provisional race programme

Saturday, 3 July 2021 free training*


Sunday, 4 July 2021  
Free training in the morning*  
1.00 pm Course closed until start
1.30 pm Race of the Little Shredder on «blue» trail section
2.00 pm DHI Kids, Youth U15 & U17 race (entire race course)

*with parents/friends on signalized but not closed off trail

Information will follow

Information will follow

Details about the race series

  • 1 race for time
  • 2 different courses
  • 4 categories
  • family-friendly entry fee & programme
  • professional timing
  • series scoring
  • Promotion of the overall winner

The course is timed once and the fastest time wins the race. There is neither a seeding run nor a qualification. The timing is done with a professional timing system, which also shows the current ranking at the same time.

Category  Age
Little Shredder Years 2013 - 2015 (6 - 8 years)
DHI Kids Years 2009 - 2021 (9 - 12 years)
DHI Youth U15 Years 2007 - 2008 (13 - 14 years)
DHI Youth U17 Years 2005 - 2006 (15 - 16 years)


The courses vary from race to race, are compiled from sections of the bike park and become more technically demanding over the season. The youngest category will ride an easier, shorter «blue course». The other three categories will ride the same course, although jumps can be blocked for individual categories.

The courses for the entire race series will be communicated at the beginning of the season. Each Friday evening, the course will be signposted and critical areas will be protected with mats.

On Saturday and Sunday morning the routes are signalled, but not closed off and not additionally secured with marshals. The participants can ride the course with their friends or parents as often as they like. The kids should get to know the course, but have fun and be in a familiar environment.

For safety reasons, all participants must ride the course at least once on the Sunday before the race (number must be fitted).


Registration for the Bike Kingdom Kids Cup Series is open. Registration is done individually for each date.


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