Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide | © Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide
Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide | © Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

The Bike Kingdom Season is getting closer

Currently, perfect winter/snow conditions still prevail in the Bike Kingdom. However, we are busy preparing for the 2021 bike season!

  • 2 April to 9 May 2021: The Brambrüeschbahnen in the Capital, aka Chur, go into weekend/holiday operation.
  • 22 May 2021: The Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide is expected to open its doors for weekend operation for the first time. 
  • 2 to 4 July 2021: Finally, the time has come for the long-awaited Bike Kingdom Opening to officially kicks off in the Bike Kingdom season. 

It's time to wash off last year's dirt and clean up the bike for the new season.

1st Session Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide

Nino Schurter im Bike Kingdom | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide


Tips and tricks from mountain bike pro Nino Schurter.

As part of the Bike Kingdom Class, Nino passes on his knowledge of mountain biking and thus supports the Legends of Tomorrow.

To Ninos Kingdom Class


This weekend, mountain biking is celebrated in the Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide!

Lenzerheide celebrates the premiere of the newly launched Swiss Enduro Series. Analogous to its bigger sister, the Enduro World Series, this national race series will be contested for points and the overall standings. 

To the Bike Kingdom Opening

Welcome to the Bike kingdom

the land of the eternal trails, the brave, the fearless, who defend the valleys of bike dominance on their carbon and aluminium steeds. We, who hover silently over roots, gravel and jumps. With flow and sweat, we fight for what we believe in. That the bike heaven on earth really exists. That is why we created the promised land: 

BIKE KINGDOM. Join us and become a knight of our army. 

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In combination with the App Strava you can add a digital dimension to your bike experience.
Compete with your friends and be rewarded for biking.

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