Welcome to the Bike kingdom

the land of the eternal trails, the brave, the fearless, who defend the valleys of bike dominance on their carbon and aluminum steeds. We, who hover silently over roots, gravel and jumps. With flow and sweat we fight for what we believe in. That the bike heaven on earth really exists. That is why we created the promised land: 

BIKE KINGDOM. Join us and become a knight of our army. 

From 2020 Lenzerheide will become the Bike Kingdom. Bike Kingdom is not just an announcement, Bike Kingdom is a promise. New trails, new events, new offers plus a new mountain bike app.

Discover the Bike Kingdom:

Bike Kingdom App

The new Bike Kingdom App is your compass in Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

Find tours and trails, check live information such as weather, open facilities or webcams and in the personal feed you will find relevant news and products.
In combination with the App Strava you can add a digital dimension to your bike experience.
Compete with your friends and be rewarded for biking.

Discover the Bike Kingdom App

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How we protect ourselves in the Bike Kingdom

  • In the gondola and aerial tramways, all persons aged 12 and over must wear a mask (valid from 6 July 2020). Please bring your own mask. Guests without a mask are not carried. 
  • The mask requirement does not apply to the queuing area or the chair lifts. However, we ask you to wear a mask in the queuing area as well, if the minimum distance cannot be maintained.
  • Guest flows are directed as far as possible so that as few encounters as possible take place.
  • In the aerial tramways the capacities are reduced.
  • The bikes are loaded at the stations by the guests themselves.
  • Our employees wear a mask when in contact with guests or a protective screen is fitted (e.g. cash desk).
  • Sensitive areas (e.g. toilets and often touched surfaces) are regularly cleaned and disinfected during the day.
  • When purchasing tickets, please always pay cashless if possible and buy day/multi-day tickets online.

At this point we would like to thank our guests for their appreciated cooperation!

News from the Bike Kingdom

Information about upcoming top events, new offers, current construction projects or important information about your stay at Bike Kingdom.
  • 24 July 2020

    Friday night shred - Lenzerheide Bikepark will be open until 9 pm

    Let's shred the Friday. The Bikepark remains open for you on the two Friday evenings 4, 31 July and 7 August 2020 until 9 pm.
  • 8 July 2020

    Chairlift Tgantieni and Scalottas get new bike transport system

    The Tgantieni and Scalottas chairlifts in Lenzerheide were equipped with a new bike transport system. This increases the capacity for bikers and pedestrians, as bikes and pedestrians can now be transported simultaneously.
    Arosa Lenzerheide
  • Sesselbahn Weisshornspeed | © Balz Weber
    6 July 2020

    Chairlift Weisshornspeed for pedestrians and bikers in operation

    On 10 July 2020, the Weisshornspeed chairlift in Lenzerheide will start summer operations. The start of operations will upgrade the east side of Lenzerheide, as it will relieve the busy Rothorn aerial tramway. An exceptional permit from the Federal Office of Transport will ensure that the winter transport chairlift, which was previously operated exclusively in winter, will be put into service for the 2020 summer season.
    Arosa Lenzerheide
  • © Patrick Julier
    24 June 2020

    New Bike Kingdom App available for download

    The Lenzerheide holiday region launched the Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide for the 2020 bike season - a world where everything revolves around mountain biking. The mountain bikers are put in the centre of focus with the help of the specially developed Bike Kingdom App, which provides emotions, belonging and recognition for ridden bike trails.