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Arosa, Lenzerheide, Chur


The three destinations of Arosa, Lenzerheide and Chur together form the largest connected bike area in Switzerland – the Bike Kingdom.

In the north of the canton of Graubünden, 2 bike parks, 12 mountain railways and bus and train lines connect the regions of Arosa, Lenzerheide and Chur. In Graubünden, every hiking trail is also an MTB trail, so hundreds of kilometres of trails and countless tours are waiting for bikers in the Bike Kingdom. Excellent MTB schools, bike hotels and a variety of events round off the perfect biking experience. 

Join us and become a knight in our army.

Profibiker Nino Schurter fährt im Herbst in einer Gruppe auf einem Biketrail in Lenzerheide. | © Nicholas Iliano/Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Biking in november

We have created a map with snow-free trails for you. So that you can bike for as long as possible.

Snow-free trails

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