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Arosa, Lenzerheide, Chur


The three destinations of Arosa, Lenzerheide and Chur together form the largest connected bike area in Switzerland – the Bike Kingdom.

In the north of the canton of Graubünden, 2 bike parks, 12 mountain railways and bus and train lines connect the regions of Arosa, Lenzerheide and Chur. In Graubünden, every hiking trail is also an MTB trail, so hundreds of kilometres of trails and countless tours are waiting for bikers in the Bike Kingdom. Excellent MTB schools, bike hotels and various events round off the perfect biking experience. 

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Bike Kingdom News 2024

Bike Kingdom is slowly waking up from hibernation and getting ready for an exciting summer.

Bike Kingdom Park starts the bike season

The Bike Kingdom Park will open its doors next weekend, 25 and 26 May 2024.

  • On the Lenzerheide side, the Rothorn 1 gondola lift and the Tgantieni chairlift will go into operation. In the bike park, individual sections will still be closed due to snow and reshaping (in particular PRIMEline sections 2A and 2B as well as the SHOREline).
  • The Scalottas chairlift will not yet open due to the remaining snow and construction work in the Scalottas restaurant.
  • The Alpenbikepark in Chur has opened the lower and upper sections.

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  • 22 May 2024

    We start the season

    Next weekend, 25 and 26 May 2024, the Arosa and Lenzerheide mountain railways will start weekend operations.
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  • 8 May 2024

    Start of the season postponed to 25 May 2024

    Due to the remaining snow in the upper sections, the opening of the Bike Kingdom Park in Lenzerheide unfortunately has to be postponed.
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  • 7 May 2024

    Alpenbikepark Chur opens over long weekend

    The Alpenbikepark in Chur will open the lower and upper sections from 9 to 12 May 2024.
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  • 11 April 2024

    Grischa Trailride 2024

    A contest with top-class single trails
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