Lenzerheide Bikepark and Alpen Bike Park Chur

Lenzerheide Bikepark Map

Lenzerheide Bikepark

During the summers of 2013 and 2014, the Lenzerheide Bikepark was built between the Scharmoin middle station and the Rothorn valley station.

Five freeride trails with different levels of difficulty and character await you - from the simple FLOWline, through the medium PRIMEline and SHOREline, to the black STYLEline and the black World Cup line STRAIGHTline.

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Alpen Bike Park Chur

1,000 meters of altitude freeride action out of the city

The Freeride Trails at Chur's local mountain Brambrüesch, known since the MTB Swiss Championships 2009, are constantly being expanded and further developed. The varied trails are dotted with numerous jumps, northshores, drops, steep face curves and other elements. The breathtaking view down into the Churer Rhine Valley makes your pulse beat faster. Due to the low altitude, the bike season at the Chur Alpine Bike Park begins in spring and sometimes lasts into winter. 

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Gravity Card -  European Leading Bikeparks

Gravity Card

As first Swiss bike park, the Lenzerheide Bike Park is a member of the Gravity Card since summer 2015.​

The Gravity card quickly pays off for frequent riders and is soon «purely biked» back again. With the card the bikers have free entry to the best parks in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia, always with top maintained bike parks, excellent infrastructure and a huge selection of trails. 

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