Events at the Bike Kingdom Park

Bikes. Drinks. Flip-Flops.

Going off at the Adiletten Rave in the Bike Kingdom Park or shredding until sunset? Tweaking the whip at the Bike Kingdom Park Jump Session? The Bike Kingdom Park has some great events in store. In the anniversary summer, the post really goes off. We're celebrating 10 years of Bike Kingdom Park - and we're really celebrating. So, pack your Adiletten, go for a ride.
Shredden im Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide | © Nathan Hughes

Late Shred

From 15 July to 14 August 2022 we say good night to the mungga. Bike Kingdom Park will be open daily until 9.00 pm. Yes, that's right, daily.

During prime time there's nothing clever on TV anyway, so off to Lenzerheide - shredding.

DJ Hilled City | © DJ Hilled City

DJ Session at Late Shred Opening

15 and 16 July 2022 from 3.00 pm

I say boom boom boom, let me hear you say wayo. Bikes, drinks and good music is the order of the day. On the first Late Shred Weekend, DJ Sweet 'n' Saua will put the hottest hits on the turntable. It will be sweet, but also saua.

Trick auf der Bike Kingdom Park FLOWline | © Nathan Hughes

Public Photo Shootings

4 June, 16 July, 6 August and 10 September 2022

Your circle of friends doesn't believe the story of your last backflip? We take the photos, you do the style.

Download photos for free.

Download at
Photoworkshop mit Jan Cadosch | © Jan Cadosch

Photoworkshop with Jan Cadosch

22 July and 12 August 2022

Jan shows you. This time not how to ride a bike, but how to make really cool pictures.

You'll also learn how to edit professionally on the computer, so that even your worst photo becomes an Instagram hit.

Hier anmelden
Jump Session Bike Kingdom Park | © Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

Jump Session

Gump, Forest, Gump!

Your flying skills are more like a sack of potatoes than a graceful bird? Then learn to fly at the Jump Session in the Bike Kingdom Park - free of charge.

The Lenzerheide Bike School offers various jump courses on this day.

Register here for free


6 August 2022 from 2 pm to 9 pm

Day rave and Open Bike Session at Bike Kingdom Park.

Dress code: Slippers, of course.

You want a pair of Bike Kingdom Park slippers? Convince us with your best trick, your craziest dance or your worst outfit. 

Party time, excellent!


Chris Visscher | © Nathan Hughes

Braap off!

13 August 2022 from 6.00 pm

In dust, we trust.

Leave dust, official and allowed and win goodies for Braaps. Register for the Braap off! directly at the Bike Kingdom Park.


Whip im Bike Kingdom Park | © Nathan Hughes

Whip off session

3 September 2022

Best Whip. Best Trick.

11.00 am Training
1.00 pm Contest SHORE/STYLEline

Shaper Days

Always loved playing in the sandbox? Sign up for the Shaper Days and help get the Bike Kingdom Park in shape. You can earn a season pass for the 2023 bike summer.

Register now for he shaper days

Information about the Shaper Days

  • The Shaper Days are free of charge.
  • Catering over lunch will be at the expense of Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG.

We don't want you to just mop the dirt, we want you to build something cool with us. That's why the Shaper Days don't take place on fixed dates. We will inform you two weeks in advance about the next Shaper Days at Bike Kingdom Park Lenzerheide.

  • Each shaper receives an exclusive Bike Kingdom shirt
  • From 3 days on you get 1 day ticket and 1 free ticket for the Friday Night Shred
  • From 6 days on you will receive a summer season ticket for Arosa Lenzerheide for the summer of 2023.