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The mother of all enduro tours! Pedal almost 700 metres uphill and 6,000 metres downhill. A special bike experience with 10 different mountain railways.


The round tour can be started from various starting points. This description starts in Chur. (Alternatively also in Lenzerheide and Arosa) The Brambrüesch mountain railway takes you from the capital to the first summit, to Brambrüesch. The start of the Freeride Tour is identical to the signposted Biketicket to RIDE red No. 616 to Churwalden. From Heidbüel you traverse via Alp Stätz to Heidsee. We continue on the eastern flank of Lenzerheide, on the Rothorn side. With an additional loop on the Weisshorn Speed, the fresh The Great White is taken with you before you go to Arosa via the Älplisee Trail. A real single trail highlight for experienced bikers. Once in Arosa, you can comfortably take the Hörnli cable car to the Hörnli. Now it's off on the technically very demanding single trail down to the Schwellisee. The next train, Arosa to the Weishorn, takes you back to 2,653 meters above sea level in no time. A breathtaking single trail leads from the Weisshorn summit to Ochsenalp and on to Tschiertschen. After the village tour, further trail highlights lead to Chur. After six peaks, ten mountain railways and endless single trails downhill, the tour ends again in Chur.