13 August 2020

Fair Trail - Sind nett mitenand!

fairtrail-guido-demont.jpg | © Kanton Graubünden

Sometimes you'd rather be alone in the world. Or at least on the hiking trail. But you're not. That's why you have to get along with the others. It's not that difficult, and nobody is against a smile and a smile back.

When biking

  • you make your presence known early with the bell
  • you always let the wanderers go first
  • you pass at walking pace or you get off briefly

When hiking

  • you know that you have the right of way, of course
  • when there's enough room, you move aside
  • you don't handicap the bikers unnecessarily

Coexistence and unbundling
Build a separate bike trail together on the same path or for the same route to the hiking trail? - Of course two ways are smarter. Then the hikers are undisturbed and the bikers don't have to watch out or slow down all the time. Lenzerheide is already banking on deconcentration wherever possible. But it would be an irresponsible interference with nature if we were to build the same number of kilometres of bike trails in parallel to all the kilometres of hiking trails. In the case of heavily used trails, it makes sense to separate them; on less frequented sections, hikers and bikers will have to share the right of way.

Everything has two sides. Even the bikers. And then sometimes they go hiking with the whole family. But also the hikers have two sides and quite a few have an e-mountain bike in their cellar. Or one in mind.

Enjoying the experience, nature and the trail without any bans.