602 Runda Lai

For those, who prefer to go downhill instead of uphill, this tour is for you. The trail down the southeast flank of Parpan Rothorn makes every freerider's heart beat faster.


The route Runda Lai can really make any freerider's heart beat faster. The cable car takes you to the summit of the Rothorn to 2861 meters above sea level. The view from the top is just great, it is worth to take your time and stop for a minute. But here you go. The summit is surrounded quickly on the southeast flank and it is followed by a fast downhill through the rocky west side of the Rothorn down to middle station Scharmoin. From there the tour continues to Parpan and Churwalden. From there you take chair lift back up to 1928 meters above sea level to Alp Stätz. Riding through Stätzertäli the tour continues along Spoina down to Lenzerheide. On the last section of the tour you enjoy fantastic views over the whole valley. For families with children, we recommend the tour starting from the middle station Scharmoin.