633 Medergen

After a brief warm-up ride to Litzirüti, you need good climbing skills. These are rewarded with fabulous impressions and an equally fabulous single track once you reach the top. The descent to Litzirüti allows your muscles to relax before the final ascent demands a last push.

In addition to scenic highlights this circular tour offers cultural aspects as it passes through intact Walser settlements giving you a chance to reflect on life in the past. From Arosa you go to Litzirüti via the reservoir. From there it's best to take the initial ascent slowly as the ride up to Medergen is long and steep. But the beautifully sun-worn houses beckon from afar with not a single out-of-place building spoiling the idyllic scene of this Walser settlement. The perfect place to take a break at the snug «Alpenrose» inn.

The ride to the Seebjiboden is much easier with renewed energy and offers a chance to enjoy the spectacular view down the Sapüner Valley and of the massif Chüpfenflue. Very good biking technique is required on the challenging single trail up to Heimeli. The trail leads over narrow, partly steep passages that will make the heart of passionate bikers beat faster. From Chüpfen a longish descent to Langwies lies ahead. Forest paths incorporating a 500-metre drop in altitude give an opportunity to cruise leisurely and take in the view of the Schanfigger Valley.

After crossing the Plessur River comes the final ascent. The first kilometres through the quiet forest take you to Litzirüti where you turn onto the familiar route to the reservoir - Arosa.