All Mountain: Arosa - Weisshorn - Molinis - Triemel - Strassberg - Langwies

A challenging single trail with exciting descents and some crisp ascents.

Start by taking the Weisshorn gondola at the Obersee lake Arosa. The second section from the middle station to the peak can only be accessed by bikes with a spring deflection of 160mm and without full protection. Once at the top a long single trail descent leads via the Scheidegg to the Ochsenalp. It is worth taking a break at Ochsenalp before heading to Molinis via the forest street. Note: advanced bikers should take the single trail on the right hand side, it is full of roots and double the fun! After the arrival in Molinis the long ascent to Triemel awaits. 

Once in Triemel it is wise to take another break before continuing to Strassberg via the Schanfigg Alpine Trail. The view across the whole Schanfigg valley is priceless! And finally: the last but most enjoyable single trail to Langwies. The old Fondei road right next to the river offers an immense riding pleasure. In Langwies you may either catch the Rhaetian Railway back to Arosa or chose to ride all the way back up.