Furcletta Tour from Hörnli

The challenging Enduro Tour offers everything the trail heart desires. Varied and difficult descents, stretches, breathtaking landscapes and dreamlike seclusion from the crowd.

The challenging tour starts in Arosa with the Hörnli-Express, which takes the gondola to Hörnli and the underground railway to Lenzerheide. The descent to Scharmoin gives you a first taste of what awaits you on the tour. The Rothornbahn takes you to the summit and the very demanding descent to Alp Sanaspans starts immediately. Now you have to bike on your back and walk up to Culmet for about 1.5 hours. The landscape is so breathtakingly beautiful that the walk is only half as bad. At the top there's a challenging descent before the bike has to be carried up to the Furcletta Pass for another 20 minutes. Now it finally starts, trail fun without end through the enchanted Welschtobel which is hard to beat in versatility. On the way you will find the SAC Ramozhütte. If you want to relax, you can also stay overnight in this hut and soak up the peace and quiet of the valley all evening long. Trailgiri riders continue to the Isla where at the end a small but crisp exit back to Arosa awaits you.