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Singletrails and nature

Mountain biking means freedom and action to you? Singletrails and nature are your motivation for biking? The downhill is the highlight of a tour and the mountain railway is of course used as a transport aid? If you can answer these questions with «yes», then you're right in Arosa Lenzerheide!
Thanks to mountain railways and shuttles, a network of more than 900 km of trails is available for you. Since every hiking trail in Graubünden can also be used by mountain bike, you can also reach remote valleys as well as technical delicacies and untouched single trails.


Trail tolerance

The trails and hiking paths in Graubünden have always been a meeting place and different sport types are available. A trail network of approximately 17,000 kilometres in a fantastic landscape is available in Graubünden for your sports activities, be it hikingtrail running, Nordic walking, or mountain biking. The signposted trail network comprises approximately 11,000 kilometres, part of which is designated as mountain bike trails. Mountain biking is also generally permitted on trails, provided that in individual cases an explicit prohibition is not indicated. In view of the increasing number of users and new user groups, we in the Graubünden are of the opinion that this situation can be managed only through understanding and tolerance between the users.

Have you had a very unpleasant experience with reckless mountain users? Report it to our information offices. This helps us to identify the guilty parties or to identify particularly critical mountain stretches.

Trail Rules

  1. Be considerate when crossing and overtaking hikers.
  2. Close gates and fences after passage.
  3. Protect what you yourself enjoy: intact nature, animals, plants and your good image.
  4. Do not brake with locked wheels.
  5. Do not leave any waste behind.
  6. Equip yourself well.
  7. Take responsibility.
  8. Plan your tour.
  9. Write down the emergency number 144

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