26 November 2020

MILESTONE and 1st prize in the category «Innovation» for the Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide


Everyone involved is delighted with the Swiss Tourism Prize. The prize honours the intensive work of the past years and the extremely successful opening season in summer 2020.

«Over the years, the Lenzerheide holiday region has promoted biking, developed the strategy further and now with the app has set another highlight. The theme has been consistently implemented, anchored in the region and all stakeholders are fully integrated. Bike Kingdom combines technology, nature and live experience», writes the MILESTONE management about the winner in the category «Innovation» 2020. As the first destination ever, the Lenzerheide holiday region has launched its own app just for bikers, which turns the mountain into a virtual playing field.

Review of the kick-off season
The YouTube clip "The Legend of Tommy G", produced by Anthill Films and shot at Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide, reached over one million views just two weeks after its launch. It was the starting signal for a summer season that hardly anyone had expected a few weeks earlier.

The MILESTONE jury not only emphasises the project as a whole, but also the innovative Bike Kingdom App. This adds a digital dimension to the Kingdom that goes far beyond mere route planning. Under the heading of gamification, a multitude of different challenges are waiting to be tackled throughout the entire Bike Kingdom, and the successful completion of these challenges will be rewarded with various prizes. The app has already been downloaded almost 50'000 times and is actively used by 896 bikers on average every day. In total, more than 45'000 trails have already been recorded by the guests.

Award ceremony directly in Lenzerheide
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony, which is normally attended by around 700 guests, could not take place. Instead, the MILESTONE was handed over to the representatives of Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide directly in Lenzerheide. Marc Schlüssel, Marketing Director of the Lenzerheide holiday region, and Bruno Fläcklin, Tourism Director of the Lenzerheide holiday region, received Gery Nievergelt, Editor-in-Chief of htr hotel revue and Chairman of MILESTONE Strategy, and TV presenter Kiki Maeder in the Bike Kingdom Drop.