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The Bike Kingdom App is your compass in Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

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Top Rider - Earn your place among the best!

For your efforts on the trails, you get something back in the Bike Kingdom! Who rides the most, earning a top 10 ranking by the end of the season, receives a few Bike Kingdom goodies.


With the Bike Kingdom app you are fully informed. Tours, trails, weather? Check the app. Open lifts, webcams, news and products? Check the app. You can combine the Bike Kingdom app with the Strava app. This way you can record your rides in the Leadboard. Compete with your friends and get rewarded for biking. Will you become Bike King?


The Bike Kingdom App in Detail – FIVE TOPICS, ONE APP

Inform. Discover. Shred on.

Explore, Live, Clan, Shop, You - the five themes of your Bike Kingdom app. Get info on the Bike Kingdom and the operating times of the transport facilities. Are you looking for adventure? Take on the quests and challenges.


Trail. Transport. Parking.

The Explore Page shows you all the latest information about the Bike Kingdom. Are you in the mood for an event, looking for the right quest or a bike shop? Then "Explore" will help you on your way. And what's more - Explore also takes you to the right hotel or restaurant.

Trail Map

The Trail Map gives you an overview of all trails in the six regions of Bike Kingdom. With the help of various filter functions you can search for the trails that meet your needs. Basically, the trails are categorized by four colors according to their difficulty level:

  • Blue - Easy Trail
  • Red - moderately difficult trail
  • Black - Difficult trail
  • Purple - Access Trail

Clicking on a specific trail will provide you with valuable information such as an exact description, the ride time, the length or the elevation profile of the trail, etc.

Transportation – over the moon

Use public transport to get there and back. The Bike Kingdom app tells you when, where and how.

Parking – free from searching

Who likes to look for a parking space? Especially when the trail is calling. Under «Parking» you can see all the parking options in the Bike Kingdom. Click on the parking symbol. You will then see a description and prices.


Operation. Weather. Webcams.

The Live Page knows what's going on. Operating times of the cableways or weather data - all constantly updated. You want to know more? Choose your webcam - and see what's going on live.


Webcams are installed at over 15 locations in the Bike Kingdom, which you can access via the Bike Kingdom App. This gives you an overview of the current conditions in the Bike Kingdom.


Flow. Drop. Shred.

Track trails, collect points and climb from level to level! In Play you can find the numbers and leaderboards for the entire season as well as for the current day, follow other profiles and see who was active on the trails in the Bike Kingdom today in the Activity Feed.


Kings. Queens. Style.

You want to be king? Dress like it. Our shop has the goldest wardrobe. And while you're here, grab accessories and event tickets. Add everything to your shopping cart and check out via the integrated payment system.


Stats. Ranks. Quests.

Your personal profile - fully tailored to you. Take a look at your personal statistics or which trails you have already ridden and check your latest activities. What about your last quest? Your profile knows. Here you also have all your profile settings under control, such as payment methods, your Strava connection or language settings. 
Digital Dopeness

Login – safe there

Yes, it's all secure. You get a login code by e-mail, then the login process follows. You know that. Once the process is complete, you have access to all functions.

Tracking with Strava – track your Trail

Strava tracks your trails. All you have to do is pair the Bike Kingdom app with the Strava app. Once tracking is complete, the Bike Kingdom app evaluates your ride. Try it out, there are great rewards waiting for you.

Quests – challenge yourself

The Bike Kingdom challenges you with quests. Various rewards await you in return. Provided you successfully complete the quests, of course. After all, not everyone is a winner. You can redeem the rewards directly on the app. Or you can collect them from the top performers.

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