8 July 2020

Chairlift Tgantieni and Scalottas get new bike transport system

The Tgantieni and Scalottas chairlifts in Lenzerheide were equipped with a new bike transport system. This increases the capacity for bikers and pedestrians, as bikes and pedestrians can now be transported simultaneously.

Last weekend the Scalottas chairlift in Lenzerheide was converted to new bike mounts in a first phase. 73 chairs were converted to them. This was followed at the beginning of the week by the Tgantieni chairlift, where 50 chairs were converted to the new system. This increases the transport capacity for bikers by a third, and the pedestrian capacity is even doubled. Besides normal bikes, e-bikes can also be transported.

Shorter waiting times
Bikers and pedestrians can now be transported at the same time, so the two chairlifts are better utilized and the waiting time for guests is reduced.

Practice Station
At the stations Tgantieni and Scalottas there is a practice station each to test the new bike suspension. Depending on frame size and frame geometry the bike can be suspended in different ways.